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The bohemian paradise geopark-An open textbook of geology

Source :Source: Geoparks 2006 Conference Published :September 22, 2006

T. rídkoŠil & M. paskova

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. VrŠovická 65, 100 10 Prague, Czech Republic

Keywords: Geopark, geological heritage, protection

The area of Bohemian Paradise represents a real geology textbook. It was listed in the prestigious list of the European Geoparks Network in October 2005. The most precious parts of the geopark are located within the territory of the Protected Landscape Area Bohemian Paradise. The territory of almost 700 km2 includes a whole range of geological phenomena. There was repeatedly the bottom of seas in the course of the Earth history and also lakes and volcanoes erupted several times. The Bohemian Paradise is an area with a harmonically formed landscape and a characteristic relief with modeled thick-bedded sandstone breached by formations of neovolcanic origin and morphologically divided up by watercourses. Inorganic and organic influences have given rise to a balanced landscape with a colourful mosaic of natural forests, cliffs, meadows and wetland ecosystems. The sandstone phenomenon of the Bohemian Paradise is the result of the interaction of a very wide group of geological, biological and anthropogenic phenomena and processes. The richness of various geomorphologic shapes and valuable biotic components give the Bohemian Paradose a very high aesthetic as well as scientific value.

Geopark Bohemian Paradise illustrates the geological history of the Earth and at the same time proves the importance of natural conditions for the economic and cultural development of human society in the course of several thousand years. After the accession of Bohemian Paradise within European Geoparks the interest in his territory has grown between professionals and wide public. There is growing number of students’ final works and theses from students of natural and social sciences. Also the number of research from professionals of different fields is growing and there are generated some interdisciplinary projects.