Global Network of National Geoparks

The main chapters of Iran's Geoparks Program

Published :February 27, 2008

Alireza Amrikazemi
Geological Survey of Iran

Iran, with more than 1.5 million km2  area and its unique situation from a geological-geographical point of view, enjoys various geological phenomena and geosites of which some are really typical; this very feature has led to enhance this country's potentials in introducing a diversity of Geoparks to be recognized.
Regarding the above-mentioned points, the main approach to fulfill this program involves the following steps:

- The initial identification (through studying the existing records, interviewing the geologists from different areas, studying thegeological maps and satellite images while considering the likely zones to be marked).
- Selection and introduction of the chosen and qualified geosites after visiting the intended fields.
- Registration of the recognized geosites in the national-natural heritage list, and subsequently in UNESCO's geoparks list.

Finally, it comes to providing some solutions to preserve, organize and develop such geosites, which due to the climatic and geographical status of the different regions, will also vary.

In pursuit of fulfilling this program, though Geological Survey of Iran plays a central and pivot role, Iran Tourism Organization and Iran Department of Environment will co-operate in some ways regarding the nature of the issue.


Keywords: Iran - geosite - geology - geotourism - geopark