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Re-studying on the taishan granite-greenstone belt in taishan geopark, China

Published :March 11, 2008
Lu songnian 1,2 , Chen zhihong 2, Xiang Zhenqun2, Lu  pengju2 Zheng yuan1 ,& Niu jian 1
1Taishan Geopark
2Tianjin institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Geological Society of China

Keyword: Taishan, Precambrian, geochronology, scientific popularity

Taishan Mountain lies in central Shandong Province of China. It covers an area of 550 square kilometer. It is only 500 km from Beijing, and access to Taishan is very convenient.

Mount Taishan is the cradle of Chinese culture and the most magnificent mountain under heaven. It became part of the world both cultural and nature heritage list in 1987, and a China national geopark in 2005.

Archean granite-greenstone belt occupies the most part of the mountain, and Komatiite has been discovered in the belt. It is now widely accepted that the komatiite in the Gaishan is the only Archean ultrabasic extrusive rock contraining spinifex texture in China.

Archean-Proterozoic intrusive rocks are more extensive in the Taishan Geopark. The intrusive rocks are dominated by intermediate-acid granites and diorites. The evolution of these bodies is very complicated with a distinct multiphase history of magmatic evolution and intrusive events.

In order to better understand the geological feature and significance. We re-study the geochronology of Precambrian intrusions of Taishan Geoopark. According to new SHRIMP U-Pb data, a chronological framework of the Precambrian magmatism has been set up. They are 2.70Ga basement tonalite gneiss 2.60Ga TTG suite, 2.55Ga diorite and adamellite batholith, and 1.62Ga diabase dykes.

The results obviously promote the geological research level of Taishan Geopark, and are very important for studying the ancient China continental evolution.

It is emphasized that Mount Taishan is not only a nature park, but also is a research basis of Early Precambrian geological heritages in China, even in the world, and Mount Taishan is also a popular basis of geological sciences. So more deeply study it, easier to understand the importance and scientific significance of Taishan Geopark for tourisms, even geologists.