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A successful geopark from South China

Published :March 14, 2008
Jiaqi liu1, Kunwei Huang2, Junfa He2, Xianzhong li2, Kejlan Xu1,3, Kejian xu1,3& J. Negendank4
Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100029 Beijing, China
2Zhanjiang Conservancy of Huguangyan Scenic Spot, 524088 Guangdong Province, China
3China University of Geoscionces, 100081 Beijing, China
4GeoForschungsZentrum, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

Keywords: Huguangyan Geopark, splendid scenes, modern museum, rich scientific significance, government support

Huguangyan Geopark with most beautiful maar lakes, eco-environment and modern museum is located in the subtropical Leizhou Peninsula of south China, which is among highlight geological heritages in China. From unknown to the public area previously to the famous attractive scenic spot presently it plays an important role in local community progress and economic development and shows more experience of how do make a successful geopark.

1. Scenic features of geopark must be shown based on excavating and raising scientific significance and value of geological heritages by investigate and research. Huguangyan lake sediment from drilling cores revealed a high resolution paleoclimatic archive through the collaborative study between China and Germany and many research results has been published recently.
2. Various nature scenes around geopark has been drawn up and made up in combine scientific features with interesting and visiting.
3. A modern museum with rich scientific knowledge and culture has been built and become a base of education and spread sciences and culture.
4. The unified administrative system is in charge of whole geopark's management, protection and developing.
5. The local government put attention to geopark developing and give strong support.
6, It is best way to make a successful geopark that government unites with companies and institutions.