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Completely understanding of the shilin world geopark and promoting its coordinating development with

Published :March 14, 2008
Li zhongde & Pei yanbing
The Management Bureau of the Shilin World Geopark, Shilin Yi Nationality Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, China

Keywords: Completely understanding, promoting development

Abstracts: the Shilin World Geopark and local government has got great economic benefits from the Shilin tourist industry on basis of the world-renown Shilin Karst geo-heritages and Sani culture of Yi nationality. At present, a completely new idea of "Scientific Shilin, Ecological Shilin and Cultural Shilin" has been proposed for its future. A new strategy of development coordinating geological conservation with ecological and cultural sustainability will be carried out, that is, helping agricultural development increasing farmer's income and improving rural communities through further developing Shilin tourist industry, and making the Shilin World Geopark into the top one for completely realizing geopark's ends.

The target of the Shilin World Geopark is to develop geological tourism, promote the propaganda and popularization of the geoscience knowledge, protect precious geo-heritages, advance regional geological building and rural culture renaissance and realize the sustainable development of regional social economy. To achieve the target needs to deal with the relation among three aspects:

1. Choose geological tourism development region well, build geological tourism products well, and develop industry;
2.Confirm geological relics, geological scenic conservation area, accelerate the building and conservation of geological ecological system, ensure ecological sustainability of geological relics and geological scenic area;
3.Deal with the coordination among geological tourism area, geological conservation area and rural community, namely, the relationship between the Shilin World Geopark and rural community, and advance and maintain the sustainability of national culture.

The above three aspects rely on and promote one another, and impenetrate the whole development process of the Shilin World Geopark, while the development of the Shilin World Geopark is experiencing the adjustment and coordination of the relation, which is the evolutive typical model of the coordinated relationship between Chinese conversation area development and social economical development.