Global Network of National Geoparks

Potential Iranian geoparks, and the present state of geotourism and geoconservation in damavand, nor

Published :March 24, 2008

M. Majnoon, S. Khadivi & H. Fotovat
National Geoscience Database of lran (NGDIR), No. 6, Shohada Bivd., 2nd Sadeghieh Square, Tehran, lran

Keywords: Genoconservation, Geopark, geotourism, Damavand, Iran

The main aim of establishing geoparks is to preserve and protect the Earth heritage against menaces made by diverse human activities. Due to the great geodiversity, biodiversity and also many historical and cultural attractions, Iran has suitable conditions which when used properly would help to establish and develop geoparks.

Damavand region, located in central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran, situated between Tehran and Mazandaran Provinces, consists of Damavand peak, Haraz valley and Lar area. Among the notable characteristics of this territory are rare geological outcrops, Damavand volcanic peak (the highest peak in Iran), natural glaciers, Haraz valley landscape and natural dams.

These important and attractive features can cause the local potential geotourism of this zone to be improved considerably in future. Therefore due to the need for groconservation of Damavand region, it seems advisable to introduce it as a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO Geoparks network.