Global Network of National Geoparks

Operating a geopark in the context of multi-designations: A challenge to the future of heritage cons

Published :April 8, 2008
Wang Lianyong
400715, School of History, Culture and Tourism, Southwest University, Chongqing, China

Keywords: Geopark, Global Geopark, World Heritage site, doubled designation, conservation

The author selects a thorny issue of doubles designations that bother policy-makers, professional planners and managers in the field of heritage conservation and protected area. The analyzed case study areas are national geoparks in Sichuan, Global Geoparks and World Heritage sites in China and 8 European nations. Through analysis and synthesis, the author concludes that doubled designation is particularly prevalent in China other than in Europe. Therefore, on-site management agencies and related governments in China should carefully translate the doubled designations into responsibilities and harmonious partnership between all stakeholders in order to enhance the management effectiveness and avoid paper park phenomenon.