Global Network of National Geoparks

Execute scientific protection of geological heritage and make the benefits of geopark development en

Published :April 9, 2008
HU. Liming
Huangshan National Park Administration Committee, Huangshan Scenic, Area 245800 Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China

Keywords: Huangshan, Geopark, Tourism 

The article elaborated the current situation of Geopark protection work in Huangshan Global Geopark and made some recommendations and suggestions on the establishment and improvement of Global Geopark Network. At the same time, the scientific research made by scientists further aroused people's concerns and interests on the development of Geopark Network hence bring the gradual popularization of Earth knowledge and play an even significant role for the education of young people in terms of Geopark protection and the sustainable development of Huangshan tourism industry. Definitely the development of Huangshan Global Geopark can also bring economic benefits to local communities. In the year 2005 Huangshan received 1, 7096 million visitors from around the word, an increase of 6.73% with 108,000 more than that of last year among which 160,000 were overseas visitors, an increase of 41% by comparison with the year before.