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Tourism in geopark ceskÝ RÁJ

Published :April 11, 2008

A. HozdweckÝ, M. PáskovÁ, Tridkošil, L. ŠoltysovÁ & J. SuchÝ
Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Vrsovicka 65, 100 10 Prague, Czech Republic

Keywords: Geopark, marked footpaths, Bohemian Paradise, geotourism, visitors

Bohemian Paradise area is used for tourism since second half of 19th century. Beauties of the Geopark can be recognized by dense net of roads, railways and tourist's trails and marked footpath. In addition to hiking as a typical tourism from of that time we can find also roots of rock climbing in the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays, there could be found similar forms of tourism as they were established some 100 years ago but obviously they have developed with time and related changes of civilization needs. In the present, there are two basic tourism branches-sightseeing and "activity" tourism in the geopark area and they are living together in mutual symbiosis. As a sightseeing tourism we understand an observing and interpretation of both the natural and cultural heritage. On the other hand, many people living in context of modern society seek for activities deeply connected to the nature itself like wild life watching and special guided tours searching for geological and related ecological values of the region. The visitors of the region are also attracted by the traditional crafts like the production of jewels and cutting of gemstones. For last few years, the tourism impacts in the most valuable and fragile localities of the Geopark are monitored. Sustainable tourism development is the topic of the day and it is connected with sustainable development of basic tourism infrastructure and supplementary services. Geotourism is an emerging segment of the Czech tourism market and Bohemian Geopark should be a natural leader in it. The importance of membership in European Geoparks Network seems to be a highly appreciated value for the Bohemian Paradise and its inhabitants.