Global Network of National Geoparks

Discussion on the historic cultural and geoscientific significance of Mt. Songshan Geopark

Published :April 25, 2008

Liu Ruifeng1, Li Yuchang2, Wang Shiyan3
Adiministrative committee of Songshan Global Geopark, China
2Henan Bureau of Geoexploration and Mineral Development, China
3Henan Institute of Geological Survey, China

Keywords: Geobal geopark; geological heritages; historical culture; Mt.Songshan

Mt. Songshan is a harmful Global Geopark, famous with the geological heritages, cultural relics and beautiful landscapes as well as the typical geological structures. Therefore lots of ancient emperors, famous poets, monks and Taoists were attracted here in large amount. Here is also the birth place of Chinese Gongfu—Shaolin Wushu, and the world-known Shaolin Temple is just located in the central place of the park. Within the scope of less than 20km2, lots of geological heritages remain well, such as angular uniformity contact, folds, faults and so on, which were formed by three times Precambrian orogenesis and continent-forming movements. Whereas within a bigger area of about 400km2, the strata sequence of five eras occur in correct order, they respectively represent Archean eon, Proterozoic eon, Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. So Mt. Songshan is of significant value on researching the early stage evolution of the earth, a vivid textbook on Geoscience.

Mt. Songshan is a nice traveling destination, which belongs to China, also belongs to the whole world.