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Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark

In Eastern Luxembourg, the rural Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark covers 256 km² with a population of about 25,500 inhabitants. The geopark is situated in the centre of the Trier-Luxembourg Basin, which extends from the Paris Basin to the Rhenish Massif. It features the Luxembourg Sandstone Formation which reaches a thickness of up to 100 metres and dates from the Lower Liassic age (205 to 180 million years ago). It forms one of the most spectacular sandstone landscapes in Western Europe and has been a tourist attraction since the late 19th century. Today, the region can be explored by following a dense network of well-signposted hiking trails, including the 112 km-long Mullerthal Trail, which has won the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe award.


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Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark
256 km²
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