Global Network of National Geoparks

Inaugural Global Geotourism Conference will be held on 17-20, August,2008

Published :July 13, 2007

17-20 August 2008

Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia


conference objectives

The United Nations has proclaimed 2008 to be the International Year of Planet Earth. One of the central aims of the year is to "increase interest in the Earth Sciences at large".

The inaugural Global Geotourism Conference aims to:

  • Promote wider community awareness and protection of our geological heritage.

  • Bring together geoscientists, tourism practitioners, academics and protected area managers with a view to strengthening and promoting the discipline of geotourism.

  • Discuss the role of geotourism as an academic discipline providing the framework and training for the practical application of geotourism.

  • Discuss the core content of geotourism namely: geosite attractions and development, the geopark concept, visitor management and geosite/landscape interpretation and management.

  • To set the scene for the integration of geological attractions as an essential component of nature-based tourism and ecotourism.

who should attend

  • Geoscientists

  • Protected area managers

  • Natural area interpretation staff

  • Tour operators

  • Academics

  • Tourism professionals

  • Local government staff responsible for the administration of natural areas

  • Museum staff

  • Conservation groups

  • National Park rangers

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