Global Network of National Geoparks

2nd International Conference on Geoparks in Afria&Middle East

Published :March 13, 2014

The African Geoparks Network “AGN” was initiated during the precongress of the fifth conference of the AAWG held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in May 2009. The AGN aims to identify, promote, and advise on the importance and preservation of geoheritage in Africa in collaboration with other stakeholders. In that framework, the AGN collaboration with AAWG, ANRSA and UCAD are organizing the second International Conference on East in 2014 in Dakar Senegal. The First edition was organized in 2011 in Morocco.

All researchers in the fields of geoheritage, geotourism, conservation, environment and sustainable development, policy makers, economists, geopark and local community administrators and leaders, NGOs, business operators, interest in geoheritage development are invited to participating making this event a success.


View more about the conference, click the website or Download the First Circular.