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Challenge 50 KM Araripe, Brazil

Source :Geopark Araripe, Brazil Published :April 6, 2016

The Challenge 50 km from Araripe is a race that can be performed solo or in pairs. It was established in 2015 and its goal is the development of ecotourism activities related to sport, in addition to integrating the chosen local population, the network of hotels, tour companies, restaurants, theme parks, resorts, tour guides, thereby encouraging development of sustainable economic activities, preservation of nature a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of Cariri Cearense.


Nivaldo Soares, Executive Secretary of Araripe Geopark, Brazil  


This year, the race had its second edition on 26 March, but official opening on Thursday, 25, with a lecture by Executive Secretary of Araripe Geopark, Nivaldo Soares. More than 300 runners from 12 states of Brazil might know better about Araripe Geopark. At the time, also attended the opening, the Deputy Coordinator of the Environmental Education Sector, Lázaro Macedo and Adriano Saraiva, member of the Administrative sector Araripe Geopark.