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UW-NJU Geography Field Course Team at Huangshan

Source :Huangshan Global Geopark of China Author :Li Wei, Chen Runze Published :June 16, 2016

Recently, over 40 professors and students from the Department of Geography and Environment Management of University of Waterloo(UW), Canada and the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, Nanjing University of China(NJU) visited Huangshan Global Geopark to carry out their jointed field course. The sustainable development in Huangshan Global Geopark was their focused case study.

As part of the field course arrangement, the Huangshan Sustainable Destination Research and Exchange Center gave a speech to the team entitled “Huangshan, our Cherished Homeland”. After the speech, a workshop was held to discuss the best practices that Huangshan Global Geopark has been advocating in the course of sustainable management. 

The joint team also collected data related to the geological significance, landforms, climate, water bodies, plants, animals, and soil so as to look into solutions for “minimized environment impact” while sustainable tourism development is promoted in this region.




University of Waterloo is a prestigious university in Canada. It has carried out a series of joint program and field courses with Nanjing University over the past years. Huangshan Geobal Geopark is one of the filed course bases for the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences of Nanjing University. The University and the Huangshan Administrative Committee (HSAC) have jointly set up the Post-doctorate Station Program for sustainable tourism research. The cooperation at the top level between Nanjing University and the HSAC has provided favorable conditions for the joint field course team.