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Source :Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, Norway Published :August 24, 2016



Great technology trends grow quickly. In 2013, Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, alongside technology- and communications agency Doublethink embarked on an ambitious project with support from the Norwegian UNESCO Commission, the Rogaland County Council and several independent funds and sources, including the EU, NORA, the Nordic Cultural Fund and others.

Our aim was to find a brand new way to communicate and show the beauty and intricacy of geoparks to audiences young and old using new and exciting technologies; at the same time reaching a new generation of children and young adults on their terms and proving that geology and natural sciences can be fun, inspiring and available to everyone.

After three years of huge time consuming research, testing and development, along with significant economic investments, we are now proud to announce one of the world's most ambitious and largest virtual reality projects: geoVR.By combining and implementing 360-degree images, live videos, custom 3D scenes, custom interfaces, voice- and text based storytelling and state of the art hardware, geoVR creates a unique immersive experience for its users. Through the geoVR platform, users will be able to explore, experience and learn about geology and geoparks like never before, from anywhere in the world, regardless of age, economic stature, location or physical limitations. People who otherwise would have no chance of experiencing the scenic geoparks will now be able to explore them in a virtual world.

It is a unique way to showcase real world scenery, historical transformation, geological knowledge and natural science, combining natural science learning and educational material with gaming technology and beautiful sceneries.

With near limitless sources of science, history and stories to be told from the numerous global geoparks, geoVR is an essential tool for these geoparks to showcase themselves and their many riches.

From now on, the geoVR project will be continuously updated and filled with new content from a number of different regions, including Canada, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Russia.

You are most welcome to join us and participate.

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