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Challenges of researcher support and local community involvement activity

Source :Mt. Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark, Japan Published :January 19, 2017

The Mt. Apoi UNESCO Global Geopark in Hokkkaido, Japan (designated in 2015) is famous for unique rock ‘peridotite’ which derived from the earth’s mantle.  The perdotites on and around Mt. Apoi are scientifically well known around the world as the Horoman peridotite.

The area has supported exchanges with researchers primarily in geology and ecology since before the geopark designation.  Expanding the wave of exchange and continue supporting with researchers and related universities, a total of 358 researchers and university students from 30 institutions visited Mt. Apoi Geopark for field trip in 2016. 




The development of exchange is largely attributed to a Mt. Apoi Research Support Center.  The center, the budget accommodation facility exceptionally low prices (500 yen ($5) per night, 250 yen ($2.5) per night for the 15th night onward) caters to researchers by supporting university geological field trip as well as fieldwork in Mt. Apoi Geopark and the surrounding area.  The facility promotes exchange between locals and researchers, and benefits local communities based on the fruits of research.  Researchers held a public workshop to provide their progress of research for local residents once or twice a year.  The workshop as a hometown Geo-workshop lectures which link to support sustainable development of the local people with sense of identity of their hometown.




Challenges will be continued to support researchers in order to ensure the conservation of geological and natural heritage resources and benefit local communities through research. 

For more information, please visit the Mt. Apoi Geopark website and facebook for recent activities: