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Getting to Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark with Geopark Hotels

Source :Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, China Published :January 12, 2018
According to the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) concept, a co-management and participatory approach should be adopted in the establishment and management of a UGG. Like many other partners of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (HKUGGp), the Geopark Hotels are committed to promoting sustainable geo-tourism and delivering high quality visitor services and products that help promote geopark branding.

For instance, the Geopark Hotels have a new “Explore Lai Chi Wo” package, which features a stay in a geo-themed room at one of the hotels, a tasty Geolicious menu, and a guided geo-tour to Lai Chi Wo, a 300-year-old Hakka village, while their “Sai Kung High Island Geo-trail” package will take you on an enchanted journey to an ancient caldera and a close-up experience with the geopark’s world-unique hexagonal rock columns. 

From now until March 2018, visitors can sign up for one of these packages or pick up a new self-guided tour map, prepared by and available at the Geopark Hotels, for an enjoyable exploration of HKUGGp.\l_hotel\media\images\lis\offers\lhotel_geopark_location_map.pdf&hash=7ef6bfa64f0e11ecda04cbf4c672aa8435acf66399413a6213e53f8b32460bb0




The Geopark Hotels, L’hotel Island South and L’hotel élan become partners of HKUGGp in 2010. The lobby and selected rooms of the hotels are decorated with a geopark theme. Geopark videos are broadcast in the hotel lobby and on a dedicated in-room TV channel. The hotels also have a specially-designed geopark menu to help promote geo-conservation and geopark guided tours. 

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