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The International Workshop on the Integration of Geo-landscape and Local Culture was successfully held in Jiuhuashan Geopark of China

Source :APGN, Jiuhuashan Geopark of China Published :April 8, 2018

On Mar. 27th- 30th, 2018 the International Workshop on the Integration of Geo-landscape and Local Culture was successfully held in Jiuhuashan Geopark, Anhui Province.

At this workshop, over 60 attendees from UNESCO Global Geoparks and Chinese national geoparks, research institutions and universities were welcomed. Dr. Zhang Hongtao, the consultant of the State Council of China, and Dr. Liu Yuan, the inspector of geological environment of the Ministry and Land Resource, Mr. Philippe Pypaert, the Natural Sciences Programme Specialist in UNESCO Beijing office, also presented at the workshop.  


the opening ceremony 

Dr. Zhang Hongtao, the consultant of the State Council of China, gave his address  


The workshop was chaired by Dr. He Qingcheng, the coordinator of APGN. During the workshop, the audiences were provided with five exclusive keynote presentations, respectively by Dr. Mahito Watanabe ( Council Member of the UNESCO Global Geopark Council, Member of Advisory Committee of APGN ) from the Geological Survey of Japan, Dr. Soojae Lee (the Deputy Coordinator of APGN ) from Environment Institute of Korea, Prof. Li Yuhui from Yunan Normal University,  Dr. Wang Lianxun from the Earth Science College of China Geoscience University, Prof. Fei Yezhao from the Jiuhuashan Geopark. Moreover, another seven presentations were delivered by participants from the Institute of geology and mechanics, Chinese academy of geological sciences, China University of Geoscience (Beijing), the Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark, the Huangshan UNESCO Global Geopark, the Information and Technology and the Central China Normal University.  



Dr. He Qingcheng took the chair 



At the workshop, attendees also shared their experiences, opinions, thoughts and suggestions for better integrating geo-landscape with local culture. Participants had very warm and effective discussions.

At the end session of the workshop, Jiuhuashan Geopark, respectively, signed sister park relationships with Longhushan UNESCO Global Geopark, Huangshan UNESCO Global Geopark, and Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark. Dr. He Qingcheng, Dr. Mahito Watanabe and Dr. Soojae Lee witnessed the whole signing ceremony.


established the sister Geoparks relationship 


Besides the above presentations, the organizers prepared one day field excursions for all participants in Jiuhuashan Geopark as it is a good place to show the integration of geo-landscape with the local culture. Jiuhuashan is one of the famous Buddhist Sacred Mountains in China since the history and now it also known as a geopark. Participants enjoyed the geoheritages and culture ruins in the Jiuhuashan Geopark. Some even had on-site discussions in the Jiuhuashan Geopark and gave them suggestions to improve their future development.

APGN will, under the umbrella of GGN and UNESCO, continue to provide all members a better service in the future. More workshops will be organized concerning development of UNESCO global geoparks and sustainable development.