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Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark: Recovery from Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Source :Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, China Published :September 25, 2018

The strong winds during Super Typhoon Mangkhut caused extensive damage to Hong Kong and to Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark (HKUGGp). Many trails and roads have been obstructed and damaged by landslides, and over 80% of the interpretation panels were damaged. HKUGGp is stepping up the clean-up of collapsed trees and will need to replace many of the damaged facilities. This recovery is expected to take some time. With the support of other departments, the visitor centres are open again and the paths to the local communities have been cleared after some immediate remedial measures.

Many local communities, such as Kat O, Ap Chau, Kau Sai Chau, Tung Ping Chau and Lai Chi Wo, experienced extremely difficult situations, such as water stoppages, blackouts, termination of mobile networks, road damage and roadblocks. With the concerted effort of many parties, the supply of electricity has resumed in most of these villages. Volunteers from LIONS Club International District 303, Hong Kong & Macao, China and geopark schools assisted in the delivery of fresh water and helped clean up the affected areas, supported by the ferry operator and coordinated by HKUGGp. More volunteers and geopark schools will provide similar assistance in the needed areas.   

To ensure public safety, HKUGGp has advised the public not to visit the affected areas, to remain vigilant at all times, and to stay away from damaged facilities and trees that have collapsed or are in danger of collapsing.

HKUGGp is very grateful for the messages of concern and best wishes from all over the world.



Ap Chau - Serious devastation with debris intruded and buildings damaged 


Kat O - Serious devastation with many buildings damaged near the coast 

Lai Chi Wo - Park signs and panels heavily damaged 


Ap Chau - Park signs damaged and disappeared after Super Typhoon Magnkhut 


The only pathway to Lai Chi Wo was damaged by Super Typhoon Mangkhut 


Path repaired at Lai Chi Wo within days by related government departments 


Ap Chau - Major access to Ap Chau Story Room blocked by fallen trees 


Ap Chau - Pathway cleared by prompt actions of related government departments 


Visit to Sai Lau Kong - A remote village cut off from water and electricity because of Super Typhoon Magnkhut 


Volunteers from LIONS Club and Geopark Schools delivered 1000 L of water to the needed areas 


Kat O - Volunteers from a Geopark School. More geopark schools will render services to the needed areas in the coming weeks 


Volunteers at work to clean up the sites and tidy the houses badly affected by the typhoon