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New Mobile Friendly Website for Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Source :Hong Kong Geopark, China Published :January 20, 2020

The Hong Kong Geopark website is welcoming the new year with a new face. After connecting with cyber visitors for nearly 10 years, the geopark website is now being ungraded with a simpler web design, more compatible with mobile devices.

Phase one of the upgrade includes promotion of four featured geopark tour routes. Unlike conventional text- and-image-based web designs, the revamped site offers lively and interesting promotional videos filmed by local artists or geopark guides. The informative content has been extended from geoheritage profiles to full presentations of the culture, tradition, history and stories of geopark communities. Also not to be missed are features on the three new story rooms that Hong Kong Geopark developed recently in joint efforts with geopark communities.




We hope the revamped website will attract more young visitors from the region and other parts of the world, who will later make a journey to Hong Kong Geopark to explore the rich and valuable natural and culture heritage. This wide exposure will enable the geopark to make a greater contribution to the promotion of science popularization and the development of sustainable green tourism.