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Online geotourism talk for the Hong Kong Recommended Geopark Guides (R2G)

Source :Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong Published :March 23, 2020




Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still rampant, it does not deter our eagerness to learn and experience geotourism. Making use of the communication software, our Association had initiated the first on-line Recommended Geopark Guide talk ‘Geotourism Wonders: Australia’ on 9 March, 2020. 

It is our greatest pleasure to have Dr. Young Ng (Young), our permanent honorary adviser, a member of the Geotourism Standing Committee of Geological Society of Australia, a member of the National Geotourism Strategy Reference Group of Australian Geoscience Council, and a founding member of the Geotourism Forum of Ecotourism Australia to share with us about the spectacular and diverse geotourism resources of Australia as well as those points to note.

From the perspective of geotourism, Young led us touring around Australia to appreciate this smallest continent but largest island in the world, to learn about the legends of the indigenous people and to appreciate the exotic flora and fauna. We travelled from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales to the Twelve Apostles of Victoria, the Flinders Range and over 600 million years old Ediacara fossils of South Australia, the Pinnacles and romantic pink Hillier Lake of Western Australia, the Undara Lava Tubes of Queensland and the Devils Marble of Northern Territory etc.

Participants were enthralled and fascinated by the geotourism wonders of Australia. Questions to Young were also insightful. Although this was the first online talk organised by our Association, it was smooth and successful. Thanks again to Young for sharing and the dedicated support of the R2Gs. Communication software do bring us closer, we look forward to organise another on-line talk in the coming future.