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UNESCO and IUGS present Earth Futures Festival

Source :UNESCO Published :February 14, 2022



Are you a geologist with good video skills? A video-maker with a passion for the planet or simply someone who likes to film your adventures across the world? Then maybe this is for you! 

The Earth Futures Festival is an international film and video event showcasing the important role geoscience plays in tackling our most pressing global challenges: climate change, the management of our natural resources, transitions to cleaner energy, mitigation of risks from natural hazards and building sustainable cities. The event will take place in September and October 2022 with screenings and award events hosted at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, and venues in Sydney and New York. 

Everyone is Welcome to Apply

Professionals and students in the realms of Earth Science, the Arts and Science Communication along with community associations, school students and First Nations peoples are encouraged to submit works in video format to the Festival which can range from feature length documentaries, to short video pieces and spoken stories, through to visual and musical performances. 

The work of short-listed finalists will be presented during the festival. This year's themes are:

  • Dynamic Earth
  • Future Earth
  • Human Connections.

Prizes for "Best Picture" will be awarded to each of these categories.

The Festival is organised in collaboration with UNESCO Earth Sciences and Geoparks section, the IGCP Project 685: Geology for Sustainable Development and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). 

Learn more and submit your work here




We are looking for films or artistic works in video format on the topic of geoscience and understanding planet Earth, including but not limited to:

atmospheric science. earth science. engineering geology. environmental geology. equity, diversity and inclusion. geobiology. geoculture. geodesy. geodiversity. geoeducation. geo-energy. geoethics. geochemistry. geohealth. geoheritage. geoparks. geophysics. geopoetry. geoscience communication. geosystems. geotourism. geotrails. glaciology. hydrogeology. landscape and structure. marine science. mineralogy. mining. natural hazards and disaster risk. natural resource managment. ocean science. palaeontology. palaeo-climate. petrology. planetary science. remote sensing. seismology. soil science. subsurface imaging. sustainable geoscience. the arts. traditional knowledge of the Earth. volcanology.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Best picture Dynamic Earth
  • Best picture Future Earth
  • Best picture Human Connection
  • Media professionals
  • Geoscience professionals
  • University and vocational students
  • Primary school and high school students
  • Indigenous/First Nations
  • Women in geoscience

For more information please contact Ozlem Adiyaman at UNESCO (