Global Network of National Geoparks

European Geoparks Week 2007

Published :June 1, 2007

27th May - 5th June 2007

European Geoparks Week is an annual event that occurs throughout the European Geoparks Network at late May early June each year. European Geoparks Week is a European - wide festival of Geoparks aimed at raising public awareness ofgeoconservation and promotion of the geological heritage as well as events aimed at informing the wide public about geotouristic and educational activities in geoparks.. At the local level, this is an opportunity to explore the geology, landscape, wildlife, archaeology and build heritage of the Copper Coast.

Events are varied and include public talks, activity days for schools, guided walks, exhibitions, workshops ,etc.
While these activities may be comon geopark activities for this one week the activities are coordinated and promoted in the same week across the whole European Network.

It provides the Network with the opportunity to demonstrate to our communities that they are part of a wider European Network which is promoting that the sustainable use of our geological heritage can bring the economic benefit for local people.