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"GeoPomerania2007 – Geology cross-bordering the Eastern and Western European Platform"

Source Published :August 9, 2007


September 24-26, 2007

Szczecin, Poland.


Great News! We are glad to let you know that we have got up to now approx. 230 registrations for participation in GeoPomerania 2007 from 15 countries: Albania, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, UK, and Ukraine. Alltogether, we have received almost 150 abstracts from 17 countries.

Together with the Geological Society of Poland, the DGG cordially invites you to visit our annual main meeting in Szczecin at the southern border of the Baltic Sea. At our conference "GeoPomerania 2007 - Geology cross-bordering the Western and Eastern European Platform" we will have presentations on new geological regional highlights as well as top themes referring to our science. Science knows nothing about borders - in this sense we wish to promote the cooperation between our countries. Partners of our geological societies meeting will be the universities of Szczecin, Greifswald and Freiberg as well as the regional geological surveys on both sides of the river Odra/Oder and the international project "SPBA Southern Permian Basin Area".

Werner Stackebrandt
President of DGG

conference objectives

The Conference aims to:

1Southern Permian Basin (SPB) / Central European Basin System (CEBS)
1.1 Sedimentary Basins (C. Breitkreuz, R. Littke, P.A. Kukla, A. Piotrowski)
1.2 Regional Geology, Structures and hydrocarbon potential (P. Hoth, J.H. Gerling, H.
Doornenbal, M. Meschede)
1.3 Regional stratigraphy (G.H. Bachmann, H.-G. Röhling, J. Szulc)
1.4 Global Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian correlations (M. Menning, S. Skompski, G.
2 Cross-boundary groundwater management (M.-T. Schafmeister, A. Sadurski, W. Struckmeier)
3 Coastal dynamics (J. Harff, S. Uscinowicz)
4 Geopotentials and Resources (R.-O. Niedermeyer, R. Dobracki)
5 Climate Change (A. Brauer, G. Rachlewicz)
6 Environmental Geology (W. Stackebrandt, N.N.)
7 Geoarchaeology (J. Kabacinski, T. Terberger)
8 Geoheritage, geotourism and geoparks (K. Goth, B. Wimbledon)
9. Neotectonic (W. Zuchiewicz, A. Piotrowski)


German Society for Geosciences (DGG = former German Geological Society)
Polish Geological Society
Polish Geological Institute
Universities of Szczecin (Poland), Greifswald (Germany) and Freiberg (Germany)
Geological Survey of the German State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
International Project “SPBA Southern Permian Basin Area”.

Detailed information is provided in the atteched 1. Call and on the website: