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National Geopark to Be Built at Yangbajain, China

Source : Published :September 17, 2007


The official signing ceremony acknowledging and outlining the future construction of the Yangbajain National Park was held in Lhasa on September 12. Henan Province will help Tibet to build the geopark in Yangbajain, the world's largest thermal resource producer. Henan has pledged an investment of 20 million yuan.

The geological formations hold special scientific significance. Their rare natural properties and appealing aesthetics combined with other natural and human landscapes will all make the geopark a stunning natural museum.

The future park lies on the Alps-Himalaya Global Geothermal Belt, 90 km northwest of Lhasa. This region holds the world's most abundant thermal resources. The rare geological formations make it an ideal place to study plate tectonics and other aspects of the earth's evolution.

The future geopark will be divided into four regions: Yangbajain, Nyainqentanglha, Qusang and Reting Kloster. A total of nine different well-designed districts will be built there, with each highlighting a different field of interest: sightseeing, scientific surveying, holiday recreation, camping and exploring, geo-science, ecology and general science. In total the area will cover approximately 2,500 square kilometers.