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Dissemination of Geological Knowledge to Tourists by Longhushan Geopark Museum

Source : Published :October 12, 2007

Longhushan Geopark museum

Visitors to the Longhushan Geopark Museum reached a climax during “National Day” holidays.More recently, the reporter saw a crowd of visitors enjoying crystals and rocks, taking pictures as souvenirs, consulting working staff about geological knowledge and making a note from time to time. A working member, Shu Guixiang, told the reporter that thousands of tourists visited the Museum every day during the first four days of “National Day” holidays. The Longhushan Geopark museum is not only a classroom where tourists can learn geological knowledge but also a new bright spot of tourism in Longhushan.

Tourists are visiting the Museum

Silicified wood exhibited in the Museum

As one of two candidate institutions recommended by Chinese Government to UNESCO, the Longhushan Geopark Museum applied for a member of Global Geoparks Network officially. Grasping this chance, the Longhushan Scenic Area invested over RMB8,000,000 in building the domestically first-class Danxia Geomuseum where the geological knowledge of Danxia landform is disseminated to tourists via various ways such as exhibition board, graph, caption, specimen, model, movie, television and information system.