Global Network of National Geoparks

IUGS-BJ website is online

Source : Published :October 19, 2007


International Union of Geological Sciences Beijing Geoheritage Office (IUGS-BJ) is responde for management of Geoheritages of China. Now we have 138 Geoheritage Members which was located in 31 provinces. Geoheritage types cover Geological and geomorpohologic landscape, Geological and geomorpohologic landscape, Geologic cross-section and structure evidence, Ancient humanbeings, living beings fossil ruin and Mineral, rock, strange stone and typical origin. The Union main purpose to protecte geological heritage and the promote of sustainable development of their territories in China through scientific studies to the entire earth-system, as well as advance earth science education. Furthermore, the Union offer information and expertise to enhance management and utilization of all natrual natural geological resource, to promote society economic development and human life quality.

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