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Xinchang Silicified Wood Geopark Becomes a Base for Tourism and Scientific Expedition

Source : Published :December 5, 2007


Recently, batches of tourists and college students visited and surveyed Xinchang Silicified Wood Geopark, Zhejiang Province, China in succession, which indicated that the Geopark had become a good place to educate the public in earth science and appreciate the tremendous changes on the earth.

A mass of experts, scholars and college students came to the Geopark for scientific expedition after the Department of Earth Science of Zhejiang University founded a base for science dissemination there this year.

The Geopark has planned for the exploitation and use of silicified wood resources over short and long terms in order to create a topping prehistoric park. The planning will evolve the Geopark including the marvel of Cretaceous underground forest into an inartificial classroom for the research on Cretaceous paleo-ecology and paleo-environment within continent and a base for education in earth science that are opened to the social public and integrate the nature of science dissemination, the enjoyability and the participability. Also, the planning will help it become a travel spot rich in scientific connotation and with the functions of sightseeing, geological appreciation and scientific expedition.