Global Network of National Geoparks

Report Conference of China's GGN Members Held in Beijing

Source : Published :December 21, 2007


The Report Conference of China's GGN Members was held in Beijing during the period from 11 to 12 December. Altogether about 100 persons, including the managements from 18 China's GGN members and the experts and media concerned, attended the Conference.

In the Conference, representatives from18 global geoparks reported their performances in geoheritage conservation, science dissemination and other fields, economic and social benefits, existing problems, next steps and more after they joined the Global Geoparks Network (GGN).

At the same time, requirements had been advanced for the coming revalidation of GGN members. Mr. Jianjun Jiang, the director-general of Department of Geological Environment of the Ministry of Land and Resources, required all China's  GGN members to work closely with UNESCO in continually improving the construction of geoparks and ensuring that geoparks can play a substantial role in geoheritage conservation, earth science dissemination, local development and other ways.

All attendants from 18 China's GGN members expressed that they had devoted themselves to the construction of their geoparks and achieved goals of the GGN well since their geoparks became members of the GGN; and that they would promote the development of their geoparks in conjunction with UNESCO in future.