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Geological heritage – bridge joining countries

Source :source: Published :May 4, 2008

This international conference is co-organized by the geological surveys of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland as well as by main topics of this event are: Jurassic geoheritage in Baltic Region and Poland, network of Jurassic parks; cross-border geological heritage and eco-tourism; geodiversity - holistic value; geoparks and history of geological investigations - cultural heritage.

Topics of the Conference

• Jurassic geoheritage in Baltic Region and Poland, network of Jurassic parks
• Cross-border geological heritage and eco-tourism
• Geodiversity - holistic value
• Geoparks
• History of geological investigations - cultural heritage

Programme of the Conference:

September 10, Wednesday
Arrival to Papilė
Evening lecture by prof. dr. hab. Marek Graniczny: Polish-Lithuanian cross-border geoenvironmental cooperation

September 11
Field trip to Venta Regional Park and it's vicinities

September 12
Press Conference
Summing up of results of the Conference

Venue of the conference and accommodation for participants
"Algirdo Martišiaus kaimo turizmo sodyba"
Nepriklausomybės Str. 96, Papilė
Phone: + 370 69845548

Geological heritage of Venta river valley

Outcrops of Jurassic rocks in Venta river valley are known since 1811, when Dionizas Poška, famous writer and collector of antiquities visited Papilė village and collected number of fossils. However the first scientific investigations of Jurassic outcrops were carried out by engineer Jan Ulman in 1825-1826. Later on, the outcrops were visited and reinvestigated by great number of researchers from universities and other geological organisations of Russia, Germany Poland, Lithuania and other countries. Due to long history of investigations rich collections of fossils from Papilė now are disposed in geological museums of many European cities.

The Jurassic outcrops in Papilė town and its vicinities are unique in the Baltic region and are of great scientific significance. The course of Venta river valley with outcrops was established as geological protected area in 1960 and the outcrop in very Papilė town was established as geological natural monument since 1964. On basis of the Jurassic geological values the Venta Regional Park was established.

Besides Jurassic outcrops there are number of other valuable geotopes in the Venta river valley: Quaternary outcrops, picturesque erosional remnants, erratic boulders etc.

Quarries of Triassic clay and Permian limestone, located nearby the Venta regional park are additional interesting sites for visitors, studying geodiversity.

The Venta river valley extending to Latvia is characterised by rich geological heritage: number of outcrops of Jurassic and Devonian rocks, waterfalls and caves.