Global Network of National Geoparks

Natarajan ISHWARAN Inspects GGN Office

Source : Published :May 22, 2008

Natarajan ISHWARAN was listening to the work report by the GGN Office

The Director of Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, Nature Sciences Sector, UNESCO, Natarajan ISHWARAN led a delegation of four people to inspect the Global Geoparks Network Office and listen to the work report by the GGN Office on May 21, 2008.

First of all, Natarajan ISHWARAN condoled on the supermassive earthquake hitting Wenchuan, China while mourning the people killed in it. Besides, he expressed admiration and support for all efforts that have been made by Chinese government and Ministry of Land and Resources P.R.C (MLR) in the rescue.

Working staff of the GGN Office was reporting development
of the global geoparks website to Natarajan ISHWARAN

After the GGN Office made a detailed report of its past work and raised existing problems and improvement suggestions, both parties had a profound discussion about how to exploit role of the GGN Office better. Natarajan ISHWARAN said he would negotiate with the Global Geoparks Network Secretariat about feasible solutions of these problems and suggestions after returning to Paris, France.

Technician was introducing configuration of the GGN web-server
to Natarajan ISHWARAN in the network computer room

Natarajan ISHWARAN, whereafter, looked around the network computer room, Information Center, MLR to have a knowledge of software and hardware configuration of the global geoparks website. In addition, he paid a visit to working staff of the GGN Office. Consequently, he was satisfied with what the MLR had done for the global geoparks website, for example it had equipped a high-performance server for the website and established and maintained the website. Furthermore, he declared that he would endeavor to coordinate all GGN members and promote a better exchange between the GGN Office and all GGN members. At last, he made a grateful acknowledgement for China's devotion to a progress in global Geoparks.