Global Network of National Geoparks

Revaluation of Songshan Global Geopark by UNESCO

Source : Published :June 3, 2008

The expert from UNESCO revaluated Songshan Global Geopark over two days as of Jun 1. Songshan Global Geopark is the first station for UNESCO to revaluate GGN members in China. In the morning, Dr. Ibrahim Komoo, the expert from UNESCO, inspected Songshan Geological Museum, geo-site of "Songyang Movements" and other places carefully and comprehensively, listening to the report by local working staff concerned.

This revaluation involved geopark construction, geo-conservation, science dissemination and education, tourism promotion and other contents, focused on what have been generalized and publicized, what benefits have been brought about to local residents and whether local economy has been boosted obviously since its official designation as a GGN member. After the inspection during the first day, Dr. Komoo acknowledged that Songshan Global Geopark had done well all in geo-conservation, dissemination of earth sciences, boost in local economy and other respects since it was established four years ago. Results of the revaluation will be announced not later than September.

UNSECO will revaluate Yuntaishan Global Geopark closely following Songshan Global Geopark. It is the first time for both Songshan and Yuntaishan global geoparks to be revaluated by UNESCO since their official designation as GGN members. If they failed in the revaluation, they will be removed from GGN.