Global Network of National Geoparks

Official Calls for registering Mond in UNESCO global list

Source : Published :June 10, 2008

Since the feature of Mond protected zone meets the Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) criteria, it can be registered in its global network of geoparks, an official said.

Announcing this on Monday, tourism deputy caretaker to Bushehr cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Department observed that Mond is considered as a unique cultural phenomenon.

"Mond protected zone is believed as the second geopark across the Middle East after the Qeshm geopark," Elyas Kiamarzi said.

"Located in 180 km south of Bushehr province, Mond protected zone covers an area of 46,400 hectares."
"Mond protected zone is the inhabitant of gazelles across the province," he said.

Kiamarzi also observed that the zone is believed as an important place for laying eggs of migratory birds and marine turtles.

Qeshm geopark has many advantages for different sciences, particularly geology, zoology, botany and archaeology.