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Kanawinka Geopark waiting permission to bid for global geopark

Source : Source: Author: Georgina Howden-Chitty Published :June 12, 2008

A Colac district tourism operator will meet Environment Minister Peter Garrett in an effort to obtain international status for Colac district’s volcanic plain.

Kanawinka Geopark chairwoman Joane McKnight hopes to meet Mr Garrett in Sydney on July 16.

Among other tourism groups, Ms McKnight has been waiting for a letter from Mr Garrett giving permission to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation to list south-west Victoria’s volcanic plain as an international geopark.

Kanawinka Geopark

The Western District of Victoria and South East South Australia have become recognised as Australia’s First National Geopark and to be nominated as the first Australian UNESCO Global Geopark. The infrastructure exists in the form of a strong committee based in the community with local government support, with a Memorandum of Understanding, Marketing Plan and Funded Budget, an existing management plan, which has been re-thought for Geopark operation, and with existing signage, Visitor Information Centres and two Interpretative Centres.

One of the most important aspects of the Geopark is the link between the geology and the people, their stories, culture and history that builds a sustainable source of geotourism, brings jobs to rural and indigenous people and in turn help protect sites of importance and promote geoheritage complimenting the work of the Geological Society of Australia and government Bodies.

Kanawinka is the ‘Land of Tomorrow’ for a new era of sustainable tourism and geoheritage in Australia.

Not just Volcanics but also grasslands, lakes, caves, wetlands, homesteads, gardens, towns, villages, culture, heritage, legends, history and exploration, stone walls, soldier settlement and much, much more……