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Huangshan Geopark holds colorful activities on “cultural heritage day”

Source : Published :June 18, 2008

June 14 was the third “cultural heritage day” of China, of which theme was “protection of cultural heritage by everyone and share of protection results by everyone”. Huangshan Geopark held a series of activities in order to further boost people’s recognition of the importance of cultural heritage protection, popularize the knowledge of cultural heritage protection, intensify the awareness of cultural heritage protection and enable visitors and working staff in Huangshan Geopark to share the results of heritage protection.

Firstly, publicity banners were hung at considerable conspicuous locations within the scenic area and rolling slogans of cultural heritage protection were displayed on display screens so as to create an ambience of “cultural heritage day” activities.

Picture1: Publicity banners are being hung at conspicuous locations within the scenic area

Secondly, the activity of online examination and team contest about “exploration of global geoparks and entry into world heritage” was going to be initiated among members of the Communist Youth League across the city.

Thirdly, the management institution of Huangshan Geopark delivered a vivid knowledge lecture on the protection of world cultural heritage in Huangshan to pupils in Luocun Elementary School, Tanjiaqiao ---- joint educational base of Huangshan Global Geopark and Huangshan world heritage protection.

Picture2: An expert is delivering a knowledge lecture to pupils

Fourthly, the thematic activity of cultural heritage day proceeded in Huangshan Square. Multitudinous visitors were enthusiastic about it to carefully answer the questions about basal knowledge of cultural heritage.

Picture3: Visitors are enthusiastic about the thematic activity of cultural heritage day.

Fifthly, visitors were directed to visit the exhibition hall of culture in the museum so that visitors could acquaint themselves with the publicity exhibition of Huangshan’s cultural heritage. Furthermore, the promotion video of protection results of Huangshan’s cultural heritage was presented to spectators overseas through the CCTV International, i.e. CCTV-9.

Picture: Visitors are visiting the Huangshan museum.