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Asia-Pacific Seminar on Geological Conservation and Sustainable Development 2008

Source : Published :June 19, 2008

The HKIE Geotechnical Division

13 August 2008

Room 601, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Geology and rocks are the fundamental components of our natural environment and are also important elements to be considered in engineering projects. With increasing public concerns on protecting our environment and geological conservation, it is of paramount importance that engineers and other professionals shall exercise careful considerations in their works on balancing the needs of development and at the same time addressing general public’s needs.


This Seminar aims at bringing together the local and overseas professionals to impart on the geological conservation. Abstracts are invited but not limited to the following topics:

  • Engineers’ role in geological conservation
  • Application of geological conservation in engineering projects
  • Promotion of geological conservation to engineers and other professionals
  • Geological conservation and environmental conservation

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