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Letter of Invitation to Geoscience Organisations World-Wide

Source : Source: Published :June 24, 2008

During the period 6-14th August 2008, the 33rd International Geological Congress will be held in Oslo as a joint venture between the Nordic countries. Excursions will take place both before and after the Congress and cover a wide region, including Greenland, the Faroes, Svalbard, Western Russia, and possibly the UK, in addition to the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark).

The main Congress activities, including the pre- and post congress excursions, will last for almost a month, between July 26th and August 21st 2008.

Our intention is that the 33rd IGC should benefit Earth Science in general, attracting participants from all fields of the Geosciences. The programme will highlight the global theme ‘Earth System Science: Foundation for Sustainable Development’. The scientific programme of the Congress is only in its initial stages of development, and is therefore open for suggestions; we are writing now to solicit interaction and participation.

Our aim is that the 33rd IGC will be the main international forum for exposure of on-going Earth Science research in 2008, as well as being the main international meeting place for geoscientists for that year. Therefore, we hope to avoid collision with other events during the summer of 2008, and welcome integration.

With this background, we invite your organisation to arrange its 2008 activities at the 33rd IGC. Examples of joint events can be common excursions, seminars, special sessions, symposia, workshops, short courses, or business meetings. At the 33rd IGC, we can offer meeting facilities and the necessary logistics. We believe that arranging your meetings under the umbrella of a large international event, such as the IGC, may attract more people and also give easier access to attractive key-note speakers, etc.

You are hereby invited to contact the 33rd IGC Organising Committee to arrange joint events in Oslo, that are either integrated within the IGC programme or arranged directly before or after the Congress.

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