Global Network of National Geoparks

Global promotion opportunity

Source : Published :July 9, 2008

Only three weeks after the Kanawinka Geopark earned international status, a South East diver has been invited to promote the Limestone Coast at an international conference.

The Kanawinka Geopark, which stretches from Colac in Victoria to the South East, inlcuding the Mount Gambier, Wattle Range and Grant District Council areas, was declared a Global Geopark on June 22.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) made the announcement, giving the park international status to tourists and geologists.

Cave diving instructor and author of two books on cave diving and the Naracoorte caves, Ian Lewis, will represent the Limestone Coast during the international conference in Fremantle, Western Australia in August.

Ian, who has been diving in caves in the South East for most of his life and who was one of the divers who descended to the bottom of the Blue Lake in April to a record depth of 70m, said UNESCO’s timing to announce global status was perfect.

“Global status is a great marketing tool to use when promoting the Limestone Coast internationally to the tourism market and geologists,” he said.

Joining speakers from numerous countries including Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom, Ian will talk about the many mysterious sinkholes and volcanoes in the Limestone Coast.