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Dr. Cynthia Burek surveys karst landscapes in Shidu

Source : Published :July 15, 2008

Following her expeditions to Shihua Cave (meaning Rock Flower Cave) and ruins of Zhoukoudian Palaeohuman, Dr. Cynthia Burek who has been a British expert in geo-conservation came to Beijing Fangshan Global Geopark again for the one-day field survey. Dr. Cynthia Burek has taught the geo-conservation course, having a great interest in the karst-typed geoparks in China. She hoped that she could know  actions and experience in the way of karst-typed geoparks in China and then teach them to more British students.

Dr. Cynthia Burek were interested strongly in the limestone strata on mountaintop after appreciating the overall karst topography throughout the Shidu Scenic Area from mountaintop in the center of Shidu Scenic Area as her first station. She thought the limestone outcrops there were perfect, containing volumes of attractive ripple marks and beddings in good shape, so this place was ideal for disseminating the knowledge of earth sciences to ordinary people. Next, she visited the Shidu National Geopark Museum to recognize the general geo-topography in Shidu. Finally, Dr. Cynthia Burek arrived at the appealing Gushanzhai Valley where she made a careful survey of typical geoheritage in the Shidu Scenic Area. Dr. Cynthia Burek had a deep discussion about geological origin of the geoheriage known as “Stones-in-Rocks” with working staff of the Fangshan Global Geopark; also, she was prodigal of praise of the inclusion on cliffs on both sides of strike-slip fault and the various natural “patterns” formed later when she visited the geoheritage known as “Tiny Sky View”.

As a researcher engaged in teaching for a long time, Dr. Cynthia Burek concerns herself about setting of educationally explanatory plates at all times. In her opinion, concise and understandable explanatory plates can shorten the distance between geoparks and ordinary people, which is beneficial to both development of geoparks and geo-conservation.