Global Network of National Geoparks

A New Springer Book Series “Geoparks of the World”

Source :Source: Proceedings of the 3rd International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks Published :July 17, 2008

Spectacular geomorphological landscapes and regions with special geological features or mining sites, notably promoted through “Geoparks”, have been proven as excellent tools to educate the public at large in “Earth Sciences”, as well as areas for recreation and significant sustainable economic development through geotourism. More and more national and international stakeholders are engaged in projects related to “Geoconservation”, “Geoparks” and “Geotoruism” and changed thereby the general perception of modern Earth sciences, remarkably.

Within the frame of the “International Year of Planet Earth” (IYPE, 2008) and under the professional supervision of “Springer Publishing Company”, (Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany) it is planned to start of a new “Coffee table” book series, entitled “Geoparks of the World”.

Complementary to similar outreach activities of World Heritage Sites or UNESCO’s “Biosphere Reserves”, Geoparks might be given a platform to present themselves on the international market. Each volume of the new book series shall be produced in two languages (English plus the respective national language) and aims to attract scientists and planners, as well as interested, educated laymen. Based on scientific sound findings the individual background of a Geopark shall be elucidated with the help of numerous illustrations and color pictures.