Global Network of National Geoparks

A corporate TV Platform to promote the European Geoparks Network

Source : Source: 3rd International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks Proceedings Published :July 18, 2008

Communication tools are an important issue in all Geoparks. This work will present Corporate TV, a low-cost technology that allows the creation of one ore more internal television channels. The system can be managed directly and/or remotely and can be used to spread information and educational contents. This project appears as an answer to the existing difficulty in promoting effectively all Geoparks of the European Geoparks Network dispersed by a wide geographical area. The prototype is being developed for the Arouca Geopark (Portugal), an aspiring member of the network. The creation of a private television network, with TV spots placed on each Geopark, will allow the increasing of visibility and the recognition of the European Geopark Network, presenting to visitors of each Geopark the geoheritage of other members of the network. The information can be displayed and explained using images, films and multimedia animation. This live advertisement of all Geoparks is expected to foster geotourism and local sustainable development.