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Taining Geopark awarded with "Top Ten Beautiful Homes in Fujian Province"

Source : Source: Taining Geopark Published :August 1, 2008

"The Dajin Lake (meaning Great Golden Lake) in Taining Geopark looks like a bright mirror reflecting the ancient temple, fantastic rocks, dangerous stockaded villages, clean spring, precipices and galloping waterfall around it when it is viewed in the air. Too beautiful! Taining Geopark can be compared to a classical craft resulting from uncanny workmanship of the nature as well as an ideal example of human aesthetics,"  the jury of "Top Ten Beautiful Homes in the Air in Fujian Province" spoke highly of Taining Geopark.

The awards evening took place on July 26 in Fujian Province. Jiang Qiurong, who was the director of Publicity Department of Taining County Commission, attended it upon invitation, receiving the prize cup and certificate and also addressing it. He introduced that Taining was a global geopark and one of top ten attractive towns in China, known as a brilliant pearl on the western bank of Taiwan Strait and famed for its Daxia Landform on water and delicate scenery. He added that viewing Taining in the air enabled more viewers to overlook Taining's landscapes and appreciate its nice natural scenery, ample history and culture and unique ethnic customs from a particular angle, i.e. the sky. Finally, he expressed his sincere wish that everyone could travel to and invest in Taining.