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Global launch of OneGeology

Source : Published :August 4, 2008

The groundbreaking OneGeology project will be launched at the 33rd IGC 6 August. OneGeology presents global geological map data on the internet, ensuring that a vast amount of geological data from around the world is easily accessible.


OneGeology is an International Year of Planet Earth initiative of the geological surveys of the world, supported by a number of global bodies. The prime objectives are: to make geological map data accessible on the Internet, to accelerate the interoperability of geoscience data, and to share know-how and expertise in digital map web delivery. At a time when trans-national environmental problems, in particular climate change, have never had a higher profile, when many geological surveys are reviewing their role and contribution, when the web and digital systems are providing innovative global reach, and when many regional groups are establishing spatial data infrastructures, combining and sharing our experience and assets in this way is essential. While geological surveys have always played an invaluable role within our own individual nations and also worked bilaterally to assist each other, we have never before pooled our unrivalled expertise and data and knowledge bases on this scale to deliver something that can add value and make a difference globally.

OneGeology is now a viable operation that has proved its capacity to increase the accessibility of geological data, improve the interoperability and consistency of that data, transfer know-how and not least raise the profile of geoscience and geological surveys. This Global Geology Symposium at the 33rd IGC will formally launch the project to the world.

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