Global Network of National Geoparks

The Osnabrück Declaration

Published :August 13, 2008

The delegates at the 3rd International Conference on Geoparks, held from June 22 -26 2008 during the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth and held in the city of Osnabrück, Germany hereby affirm that:

1. Geoparks are experimental territories for the 21st century with the joint aims of preserving the rich geological heritage of our planet and using that heritage for the sustainable development of our local communities.

2. Geoparks provide excellent tools for communicating the memories of the Earth not only to local communities but to the wider public both through the provision of educational and sustainable geotourism activities.

3. The amended guidelines and operational procedures for the Global Geoparks Network, adopted at this meeting, provide an excellent framework for the further development of high quality, active geoparks and the basis from which a strong network will continue to develop.

4. We commit to continue to work together to achieve our common goals of the protection and appreciation of the geodiveristy of the planet through cooperation and networking between the members of the Global Geoparks Network and to assist aspiring geopark projects in attaining geopark status.

5. While continuing to work in close cooperation with the World Heritage and the Man and the Biosphere programmes, the geopark community will continue to explore ways of further building and strengthening the profile of the Global Geoparks Network within UNESCO and across the world generally.

6. Recognising that communication is the key to our success, the global geological community should continue to work together in communicating the importance of geological issues, such as geohazards and climate change, to society and recognise that geoparks are a valuable tool in doing this.

7. In order to achieve these aims, geoparks need to continually work with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that geoheritage issues are fully recognised, understood and enjoyed by all.

Osnabrück, Deutschland

26 June 2008

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