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Enjoy Olympic Games Enjoy beautiful Jingpo Lake scenery

Source : Published :August 18, 2008

A harmonious and festival atmosphere welcoming the 29th Beijing Olympic Games is on Jingpo Lake Geopark since the beginning of July. With promotion activities, room bookings increased obviously and there is a 22.7% increasing rate than last July.

More and more tourist teams and groups have enthusiastically booked the hotels and sanatoria rooms for the period of the Olympic Games from August 8 to 24. To satisfy the need of the guests for watching Olympic Games live telecast during their sightseeing, the Jingpo Lake Geopark arranged satellite live telecasting at the Jingpo Mountain Villa Plaza, Baoyue Bay Scenery Area and bathing beaches. Through 100 sqm super-large and superior definition screen, tourists can watch live Olympic Games as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Jingpo Lake.