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Eco-environment vigorously protected at Lushan Geopark

Source : Published :August 18, 2008

Recently, The Lushan Mountain Administrative Bureau achieved great results on eco-environment protection. With an investment of 40 million yuan(RMB), water disposal plants and assorted pipe network have been built. A 13200-meter long blow-off pipeline has been laid which can separate rainwater and sewage from local residents and hotels of the Ruqin Lake area. The quality of the Ruqin Lake water has been turning much better and reached the standard of Grade IV.

In recent years, the Lushan Mountain Administrative Bureau strengthened protection of ornamental and street trees. More than 100 trees at the scenery spots of Datianchi, Huajing and Three-treasure Tree have been pruned, filled with soil, covered and supported. A scaffold was set up for the 1000-year “Three-treasure Tree”. Umbrella pine, Metasequoia trees and silver fir, the most precious trees of the Lushan Botanic Garden, have been protected by specially appointed workers. To reduce cutting down of firewood, the government encourages residents to use liquefied gas and a subsidy of 800 thousand yuan has been offered each year. The forest coverage of Lusha area reaches 91.54% and has been listed key State-level public-welfare forests. Live trees reserves have reached 790 thousand cubic meters and occupies the first place in Jiangxi Province.

In Lushan area, auto exhausts are strictly restricted. A day-to-day test is conducted. Auto vehicles will be eliminated forcefully if there is no hope to be qualified in auto exhausts emission.