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Mount Tai, a Witness of Marriage——Wedding Ceremony, Celebrating Olympic Games

Source : Source: Published :August 20, 2008

Tai, a Witness of Marriage.
New Couples, Hand in Hand with Olympic Games

On August 8, the opening day of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, 25 new couples took part in a collective wedding ceremony entitled “Mount Tai, a Witness of Marriage; Wedding Ceremony, Celebrating Olympic Games.” Jointly sponsored by Mount Tai Scenery Area, Tai’an Daily and Tai’an City Youth League Committee, the collective wedding ceremony was held at the Tianwai Village Square at the foot of Mount Tai with a theme of “Waiting for a thousand years - Hand in hand with 2008.” The wedding ceremony aims at setting up new code of conduct, changing old point of view on marriage, transmitting Olympic Spirit and publicizing culture of Mount Tai.

With the background of Mount Tai, 25 new couples walked down the red carpet. Firecrackers and colored banners made the square full of a happy atmosphere. The 25 lucky couples walked into the palace of wedding. With the 29th Beijing Olympic Games held in Beijing and wedding ceremony at the foot of Mount Tai, the new couples were feeling their life as stable as Mount Tai.