Global Network of National Geoparks

“The myth of Earth through human hand”


A geopark art exhibition for celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth 2008
under the aegis of the Hellenic National Committee for UNESCO

Among the most interesting events that were implemented within the framework of the celebration of the International Year of Planet Earth 2008 was the art exhibition organised by “Psiloritis Natural Park” European and Global Geopark, in the city of Heraklion on Crete in Greece.

Under the aegis of the Hellenic National Committee for UNESCO, the exhibition was materialised at the first days of June 2008, in the imposing venue of Basilica of Saint Marcus and had the inspiring title: “the myth of Earth through human hand”.

Local artists from all around the area of Psiloritis Natural Park participated with their work that included sculpture in stone and wood, painting, ceramics art, loom art, blowing glass art and many more. All the exhibits resembled the natural environment of Psiloritis Natural Park through the material from which they had been constructed and their subjects which in most cases were inspired from tradition and mythology.

Two artists from two European geoparks, the Lesvos Petrified Forest Geopark and the Abberley and Marvin Hills Geopark, were also invited to participate with their fabulous work.

The exhibition was completed with abundant photographic material in large printings that illustrated the beautiful landscape of the Park and its natural monuments.

Due to its great success and after the request of the local authorities it was transferred to another venue in the city of Rethimnon where it lasted ten more days.

This exhibition fulfilled its targets, far beyond our ambitions, which were to remind the public all the forgotten traditional arts and to motivate people flow towards the Park.