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Belogradchik rocks to become an European geopark

Source:Source: Published:Mar 30,2009

According to Radoslav Nakov, a chief scientist of the Geology Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Belogradchik rocks, famous natural phenomenon, should be turned into a geopark so that the region will easily become an attractive tourism destination.

Belogradchik rocks are suitable to become an European geopark, because they meet all the necessary requirements.
Bulgarian legislation can turn out a real obstacle for the fulfillment of the idea, because the definition of ‘geopark’ is not well defined yet.

There are several European associations which seek for geological heritage and preserve such nature wonders. In Nakov’s professional opinion, the unique rock formations near Belogradchik were created to become such an object. The association of European geoparks is responsible for making such sites easily accessible by tourists. Over thirty geoparks are members of the association, except for Bulgarian ones which should join in due course.

The future geopark will obligatory include the famous Magura cave situated in close proximity to the rocks. The exhibition of the local History Museum is also very interesting.

All the above in a combination with the wine-cellar “Magurata” will boost the tourism and the region might become even more attractive for both Bulgarians and foreign tourists.